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In the past, the gutters of most homes were made from wood. The use of aluminum has since surpassed wood for a number of reasons, the most important of which include longevity and an added protection against water damage. In general, some homeowners may prefer that their Syracuse roofing installation involve the addition of wooden components. Before one selects a wooden gutter, they should understand how wood compares to options that are more modern.

Wood options are typically considered for historical or antique homes. Some neighborhoods have homes that were built hundreds of years back. When renovating one of these homes, an aluminum gutter would be out of place. This is the main reason wood gutters are still in fashion. Homeowners may select wood gutters if they want to rebuild the home using only the materials available at the original time of construction.

Installing wood gutters is no easy task and can involve a lot of research. One must know the types of wood available for gutters and what type of surface would be suitable for their installation. The wood most commonly selected for gutters comes from two trees, namely, redwood and red cedar. These two types of wood possess natural oils that repel water. Because of water's aversion to these woods, rot is also less likely to develop in wooden gutters.

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Douglas fir wood is another selection sought after for gutters' manufacture. While this type of wood is cheaper than both redwood and red cedar, it will have a much shorter lifespan.

In comparison with traditional gutter options, wood gutters require extra maintenance. Homeowners with gutters made from wood need to be very careful. Wood is likely to split or crack after drying out. Wood can also rot from overexposure to water. Because wood gutters must be painted regularly, homeowners must be sure the paint they use has water resistant properties.

Homeowners should only paint the outside of their gutters, however. The interior of these wooden gutter systems should be kept free of paint. Instead, they should be oiled using either mineral, motor or shingle oil. Using the proper oil on a wooden gutter will make it less likely to rot and can help debris slide off more easily. This debris should be cleaned out by homeowners at least once every year. Wooden gutters will build up debris faster than the metal gutter options.

Modern gutters are made from various components aside from wood, including aluminum, vinyl and galvanized steel. These materials offer more weather resistance, a longer lifespan and an easier installation. However, wood is an option for antique homes and historical buildings. To augment wooden gutter systems' function, one may consider other advanced roofing components such as a metal drip edge for protection from water.

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