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A roof is the home's protection against nature. While rain is the most common weather condition the roof must protect against, the snow and ice of colder seasons poses a larger threat. Wintertime in general is when the roof works harder than normal to keep a home dry. Below is an explanation of how Syracuse roofing components can take extra damage in the winter months.

Snow and ice are heavier than rain. When rainwater sits atop the roof, it can dissipate or slide off. Snow may sit on the roof for some time and ice can buildup wherever water is found. Because snow and ice are heavier than liquid water, they carry an added threat to a roof. The damage caused by this winter buildup can create leaks that seep into the home below. Homeowners may find cracked ceilings or discolored walls, the traditional signs of a major leak.

Heat from within the home may actually melt the snow atop a roof. This melted snow has the potential to freeze again and cause ice dams to form. Aside from the roof, these dams can be found in the gutters and downspout. Melted water may even seep into the roof's flashing. When this happens, interior damage to the home is likely.

Homeowners who attempt to remove the ice from the roof on their own may cause the roof further damage.

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Taking a traditional snow shovel to the roof may remove shingles and cause more water to enter the flashing and interior. Rock salt that is used to melt the snow and ice may also do the shingle harm. Any damage done to the roof in this manner may void the warranty, which can cost more money down the road when repairs are in order.

If ice builds up within the gutter, this situation cannot be handled lightly. Gutters are even more susceptible to be damaged by attempting to remove ice and snow than shingles. Blocks of ice in the gutters will require a replacement. Homeowners must regularly clean their gutters when the weather is cold. This will free up the traveling lanes for the water, pushing the danger away from the roof.

Another problematic area is the skylights. Roofs with skylights may allow ice and snow to enter more easily. That's because covered holes will lead to more condensation within the home, creating leaks.

In the winter, homeowners must pay careful attention to the potential snow and ice buildups on their roof that may cause leaks. Necessary steps must be taken to ensure a roof is seasonal and durable.

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