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A roof is a large investment for many homeowners, which is one reason why it is best to protect the investment in any way possible. Whether the home is located in an area with frequent rains or heavy snowfall, a waterproof underlayment can provide an excellent barrier against the elements to protect the roof, and the home underneath from, incurring unnecessary water leaks. With a variety of waterproofing options available on the market today, homeowners should contact their Syracuse roofing professional for guidance.

Many people do not realize that having a waterproof underlayment on a roof can help make the removal of old roofing material and installation of a brand new roof a faster and smoother process. Part of the reason for this is that when a roof has a waterproof underlayment already in place, the roof is able to dry much more quickly than when there is no underlayment. The amount of water absorption involved can have a significant impact on this as well. The underlayment may also protect the roof's deck from oil and residue left by asphalt shingles, which can also greatly reduce the time it takes to prepare for the new roof.

In today's world, many homes are designed with a number of features that include skylights, chimneys, valleys and vents.

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While these features can add a level of aesthetic appeal, they can also create a pooling of water after a rainstorm or when snow accumulation begins to melt. The water can then easily seep underneath the shingles, causing the roof's deck to become saturated with moisture. The frequent occurrence as a common cause of water leaks within the home has motivated a number of shingle manufacturers to require waterproofing underneath the shingles for proper installation of their products. Not only can this protect the homeowner from damaged property, but also, it can provide an added sense of security that their home's roof is equipped with an extra layer of protection against the outdoor elements.

When it comes to selecting an underlayment, homeowners may find that there are a number of options from which to choose. That is why it is best to seek the advice of a highly qualified professional to ensure the best option is chosen for a particular home or climate. Once the roof installation is complete, homeowners can enjoy the long lasting benefits of their waterproof underlayment that can easily provide an attractive return on their initial investment.

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