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Syracuse Roofing: Article About Upgrading Your Roof Skylights

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Skylights add value to your home. They can also reduce energy costs and add beauty by introducing natural sunlight to your home's interior. However, when it comes to re-roofing, homeowners may wonder how their skylights feature in this project.

Syracuse roofing professionals know that many customers want to keep their skylights, but experts in the roofing and skylight-manufacturing industries suggest that, if it is time for roof replacement, then it is time for the installation of brand new skylights as well. Although a minority of contractors and homeowners argue it is unnecessary to replace skylights as part of a re-roofing project, the majority insists it is a good practice. Even high quality skylight manufacturers recommend replacing their products as part of a roofing upgrade. There are several reasons for replacing skylights when re-roofing.

First of all, as skylights age, they become a likely source for leaks. The flashing and other roofing materials must be properly installed and the skylight window and casing itself needs to be well maintained. Even the slightest issues in this crucial part of the roofing system can cause leakage and will result in the need for expensive repairs. Replacing the skylight means the roofing materials are installed correctly and the skylight itself is in great shape.

Second, skylight replacement costs are significantly lower if the work is done as part of a re-roofing project.

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If a homeowner attempts to save money by not replacing existing skylights when his or her roof is redone, they may find it cost them considerably more in the longer term. If the skylight begins to leak and needs replacing after the new roof is installed, it is will cost a lot more to since another contractor will be needed to install a new window.

Third, building materials such as windows and skylights are more built more efficiently each year. The building and construction industry is continually improving products, services and methods. Old skylights are practically guaranteed to be less efficient than new ones that will go in as part of a roof replacement. Homeowners can enjoy the benefits of greater comfort and savings with more efficient skylights in place.

In summary, if a home has skylights and the roof needs to be replaced, then the skylights do to. They are part of the overall roofing system and protecting the integrity of a home means making sure they are upgraded along with the rest of the roof. Making sure this is done will improve the home's value along with increasing the homeowners' level of comfort.

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