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TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin, roofing systems have been gaining in popularity over the years. They offer the benefits of roofing systems like EPDM rubber and PVC roofs, but they're more economical. Like other roofing systems, however, they also have drawbacks, and consumers should weigh their options. TPO roofs work well for commercial and residential properties, and Syracuse roofing professionals commonly install them.

Consumers can count on TPO roofs for their durability. They resist damage from impact, tears and punctures, and they're also resistant to bacteria, dirt and debris buildup. A building's natural setting also won't cause damage with TPO because the membrane is highly flexible and can tolerate movement. TPO roofs can also withstand ozone, ultraviolet rays and chemical exposure.

TPO roofing systems are environmentally friendly. The roofs are light in color and reflective, resulting in reduced energy costs and mitigation of the heat island effect. TPO also contains no chlorine, which is an environmentally hazardous material, and it is completely recyclable.

TPO is easy to install because it is a lightweight material that is manufactured in wide sheets. Less work and time involved in installation means reduced costs for the consumer. It also works well with a variety of different building styles.

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A major drawback of TPO roofing is that its longevity is questionable because it hasn't been around for very long. Manufacturers are still trying to figure out the best chemical formulation for a long lifespan. In some instances, these roofs have experienced seam failures and cracking. Consumers should only purchase TPO roofing material from manufacturers that have been in business since TPO's development. These manufacturers are more likely to have products that feature a long lasting formulation.

TPO roofs may also experience accelerated weathering when frequently exposed to high thermal or solar loading. They're not an ideal choice for very warm climates, therefore.

Homeowners can take some steps to ensure that they're getting a quality TPO membrane. First, consumers should avoid being lured by the lower prices of newer TPO manufacturers. They also should make sure the TPO product comes with a warranty.

Homeowners who are interested in TPO for its energy savings benefits should make sure the membrane meets Energy Star requirements. They should also be sure to purchase a membrane that has a smooth surface. A smoother surface offers better protection against dirt and debris, which can age the roof faster and dull the membrane's reflective properties.

For durability, consumers should buy TPO membranes that can be welded at high temperatures. The top ply of the membrane should also be thick for more protection against solar radiation and weathering.

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