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Syracuse Roofing: Article About Top Metal Roof Myths

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Although metal roofs are becoming more popular, there are still many major misconceptions about installing metal roofs. Many Syracuse roofing experts may recommend installing a metal roof, but some homeowners believe that metal may be too noisy, too difficult to care for and not advantageous when it comes to reselling the home. However, these myths are not actually true.

A common myth is that metal roofs are noisy. If homeowners are thinking of purchasing a roof because they like the sound of rain falling on metal, it is likely that they will be disappointed. The metal panels are installed in such a way that they have nothing to vibrate against; if the homeowner wants the roof to make sounds in the rain, sheet metal will have to be installed over open rafters.

Another common myth is that metal roofs absorb sunlight, resulting in a hotter home during the summer. This is false. In fact, metal roofs reflect sunlight, which prevents the attic from heating up. It should be noted, however, that not all metal roofs are created equal. Some metal roofs reflect more UV sunlight than others do. Additionally, some metal roofs are equipped with a special coating that reduces heat gain.

Many homeowners believe that metal roofs will prevent ice from forming and snow from piling up.

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This is not the case. Ice can still form along the roof eaves if the home's ventilation system is inadequate or if heat is entering into the attic. Additionally, snow will slide right off the roof; however, the roof can still be damaged if the snow becomes compacted in the valleys.

Lastly, there is the myth that metal roofs do not add to the resale value of a home. If a quality metal roof is installed, it can actually add back approximately half of its initial cost. Because metal roofs do not need to be replaced as often as asphalt roofs, it is likely that a home with a metal roof will actually sell for more than if it had a new asphalt roof. Even further, metal roofs need less maintenance than asphalt roofs, providing another reason to purchase a home that already has a metal roof installed.

There are many good reasons why a metal roof may be recommended by expert roofers. In addition to being easy to maintain, they are also environmentally friendly and can be recycled when they reach the end of their lifespan. With so many benefits, it is surprising that more homes do not have metal roofs installed.

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