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Syracuse Roofing: Article About The Purpose Of Roof Flashing

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The roof's main job is to protect the home against extreme weather. However, there are areas of the roof that are weaker due to roof penetrations like chimneys and skylights. Certain other areas, like dormers and valleys are also susceptible to leaks and other damage. To avoid this, small pieces of sheet metal, known as flashing, are inserted into the weaker sections.

When a new roof is installed by a professional Syracuse roofing contractor, the flashing is installed under the shingles in the weak sections of the roof such as the valleys and around the eaves. They prevent water from seeping in around cracks and spaces that may surround the roof penetrations. They also direct water down the roof so the roof will not become damaged.

Roof flashing is often made from aluminum or galvanized steel. For some roofs, copper may also be used. Regardless of what type of metal is used, the flashing should be low maintenance, resistant to extreme weather and durable. Additionally, the flashing must be able to withstand the movement between roofing components, which can expand and contract based on temperature changes.

Over time, the flashing can become ineffective.

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While it may initially protect against extreme weather, the metal can begin to corrode or rust. As small holes form, water can potentially enter into the attic, eventually making its way into the living space. To avoid this, the flashing should be properly maintained to avoid failure. If the flashing is made out of steel, a material that is susceptible to corrosion, it should be painted. Otherwise, the flashing should be inspected during regular roof assessments. If the flashing has failed, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

When it is time for a roof replacement, the flashing must be removed. The homeowner may have a choice to have the original flashing reinstalled or have new flashing installed. In general, it is recommended to have new flashing installed as the old flashing could fail. Additionally, the flashing is held in place with nails. It's difficult to reuse the same nail holes when reinstalling flashing, so there is a possibility that water could enter through those holes.

If the flashing fails and the problems are not noticed for some time, the entire roof could sustain damages. As such, an expert roofer should be called out to inspect the roof and the flashing regularly to ensure that homeowners get the most out of their roofs.

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