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The purpose of a home is to protect its residents from the environment, but even a home that does its job well can be damaged by inclement weather. Houses often suffer damage during particularly harsh storms and need to be repaired quickly to prevent the damage from getting worse over time. Storm damage is usually fairly easy to recognize, but the damage can sometimes be subtle and hard for untrained homeowners to recognize on their own. Even once all of the damage has been found, it can be very difficult for homeowners to repair it on their own. Most people whose houses are damaged during storms choose to hire a Syracuse roofing contractor to make sure that all of the damage is found and fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Storm damage can take many different forms depending on the type of storm that caused the damage in the first place. High winds are an especially common cause of damage during storms. The wind can pull entire shingles off a roof, which leaves an opening for destructive rain and snow.

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The wind can also move shingles slightly out of position without pulling them off the roof, which creates smaller openings that can be harder to notice from the ground level. Similarly, a house's gutters can be pulled out of their proper position and bent out of shape by strong winds.

Rain can also cause a great deal of damage during a storm, especially if the house has been left vulnerable by wind damage. Water that gets into a house can ruin that home's insulation and cause wooden structures to warp out of their proper shape and even rot, which dangerously reduces the building's structural integrity. Damp homes are also a perfect place for mildew and mold to grow, which can be a major health hazard. Mold growth is particularly common in small, dark places that are hard to examine for damage, so it is very important to prevent it from developing by repairing leaks as quickly as possible.

Storms can also damage skylights and other windows, especially if there was any hail. Broken glass is the most obvious sign of damage, but there is also a chance of damage to the seams that attach the window to the roof. These need to be checked very carefully to make sure that the window fits tightly into the roof. If it does not, the gap will allow moisture into the home and increase the cost of heating and cooling the building.

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