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Even a conscientious homeowner may miss signs that point to problems with the roof, and it's important to become familiar with these warning signs to stay on top of home maintenance problems. When a homeowner spots one or more of these red flags, it's typically an indication that a call to a Syracuse roofing expert is in order.

Most homeowners know that a stain or spot on the ceiling is a sign of a leak, but locating the leak's origin can pose some difficulty. Water travels not just down, but out as well, and the leak's origin point may be some distance from the actual stain. This is the time to check avenues for water flow such as the roof, the windows, the wall panels and the pipes carrying the water into the house.

The homeowner should take note of any stains on the exterior of the house and watch to see if they get larger after a period of rain. If they do, the step flashing where the roof meets the wall should be checked since this is the most likely place for this kind of leak to occur.

Homeowners should perform their roof inspections from the ground.

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A hired professional is more adept at surveying the structure and spotting problems, and a homeowner could waste his or her time attempting to access the roof in this regard. On the other hand, if the homeowner does get up on the roof and sees black stains, it probably means that algae is growing on the roof shingles. This is actually not a sign of damage, and there is likely no underlying structural problem in this situation. Algae stains are typically considered a cosmetic problem, instead. Tiles with black stains can be ignored, treated with a fungicide specifically made for algae or replaced.

When the homeowner walks around the house looking for problems, he or she should take note if there are granules clogging up the gutters or if these same granules are cascading down the water spouts. All asphalt tiles shed granules over a period of time, but a noticeable increase in them means that the asphalt is worn out and can no longer protect the structure below.

The shingles themselves provide plenty of clues that indicate they are deteriorating. Of course, missing shingles and loose shingles need to be replaced promptly to stop water and pests from getting into the attic and spreading to the rest of the home. Cupped shingles are shingles that have corners turning up, and both cupped shingles and cracked shingles have lost their protective abilities and should be replaced as soon as possible.

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