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Roof leaks can cause huge amounts of damage if they are not detected in a timely manner, and they are not always easy to detect for the average homeowner. This is because leaks start in the attic, which many people do not spend a lot of time in, and they don't always follow an obvious path. While there are a few clear signs of a roof leaking, like water stains on ceilings or damp areas in the attic, many require someone to know exactly what they are looking for. A Syracuse roofing professional can help a homeowner ensure their roof is free of leaks.

When a roofing professional inspects a home for leaks, they may start on the roof, where they will look for missing shingles or weatherproofing that is in bad shape. Weatherproofing, or flashing, is frequently installed around areas where shingles do not provide complete coverage, such as where two sections of a roof meet. If it is in bad shape, water may easily be able to get past weatherproofing.

Sections of a roof that are missing shingles are where leaks are most likely to form because they will have the least protection.

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An underlayment can help delay a leak from forming, but a roof that is missing shingles has very little protecting the deck.

A roofer will frequently look at a roof from the underside next. A roof deck is normally made of sheets of plywood or a similar material, so when it gets wet, it will normally have dark spots. The deck itself may darken as it ages, but it will do so uniformly. Therefore, dark spots that don't match are indications of water getting through. If a roof is in good condition, the roof deck should remain completely dry, even during a heavy rain storm.

Roofers will probably also look for less obvious signs of moisture in the attic. These can include the smell or appearance of mold or mildew. Many items in the attic may also show signs of water damage. Insulation that is damp will generally look like it, and rafters and joists are made of wood, so they will also have visual indications of water damage. This may be in the form of dark spots, but wooden supports may also start to bow or show signs of deformation if they are getting wet.

Another potential sign of leaks is when someone is having problems with their wiring. If water starts to get into phone or electrical wiring, residents may experience problems or shorts.

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