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From time to time, a homeowner may face an immediate problem with their roof, such as a large leak. It is never recommended that homeowners climb on their roofs to assess, repair or replace components of their roof. However, there may come a time when a homeowner cannot wait for their Syracuse roofing professional to arrive.

It is important that homeowners keep in mind that over 130,000 people in America are injured, some severely or fatally, each year due to injuries they sustained while climbing on their roof. If a homeowner must get on their roof to attempt to find, fix or mitigate a problem, there are several safety precautions they should follow.

A homeowner should never get on their roof while inclement weather is present or expected nearby. While on the roof, people are more exposed and at a greater risk for being struck by lightning. Also, if the shingles are wet or covered with snow and ice, they can be even more slippery. Even leaves can make a roof slicker. It is not worth the risk of getting on the roof with bad weather present.

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When a homeowner will be getting on the roof, they should let someone in the home or a close neighbor know. This is in case any problems or emergencies arise and the homeowner needs help. In addition, the homeowner should use safety equipment such as goggles, a safety harness, gloves and roof boots. If roof boots are not available, the homeowner should wear shoes with excellent traction.

While on the roof, a homeowner should clean their mess up as they go. Leaving tools, materials or nails around can cause a homeowner to slip and fall or even get injured by whatever is in the way while on the roof. They should also pay strict attention to what they are doing and what is right in front of them. Though it can be tempting to admire the view from the roof, it isn't worth the risk.

If a homeowner does not feel physically able to safely get on top of their roof, they should not attempt to do so. Getting on the roof can be physically awkward for many reasons, putting the homeowner at an even greater risk. Instead, they should do whatever they can to mitigate the problem from the inside. Additionally, many homeowners do not have the knowledge or skills to identify and fix roofing problems.

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