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Solar technology has steadily dropped in price for most uses over the years, so more households are considering these energy-efficient materials for their roofing systems. Ideally, a rooftop must be relatively new for Syracuse roofing professionals to properly install solar panels. Today's solar options, however, don't necessarily involve traditional panel installations. Homeowners should speak with their trusted roofer to create a solar option that works for their property.

Homeowners with relatively new rooftops can benefit from traditional solar panels. Contractors attach these assemblies to panel supports that connect directly into the rooftop's framework. Roofers can still access the roofing materials below by simply detaching the panels during future service calls. However, contractors must calculate if a given rooftop can support the panels' total weight. Although solar technology is relatively lightweight, some roofs could be at the maximum end of their load limits with panels installed.

A newer technology available for roof replacement projects is solar shingles. These specialized shingles have photovoltaic technology embedded within their construction. In fact, contractors only cover part of a rooftop with solar shingles and leave the remaining surface area open to normal material installation. Roofers calculate a home's electrical needs and apply that value to solar shingle quantities.

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Typically, solar shingles blend right into the rooftop alongside traditional materials for a cohesive appearance.

In some cases, homeowners could have a brand new roof already installed, but they want to benefit from a solar system. Contractors can offer solar films as an alternative for these brand new rooftops. Roofers simply affix these films to individual shingles and connect the system to the home's electrical panel. Homeowners may be concerned about the solar film's durability because it is so thin, but material manufacturers design these products to last for many years when properly installed by professionals.

Homeowners should consider that solar installations require a well-maintained electrical panel. All solar components must connect into the home's electrical system to serve all appliances and fixtures, for example. Roofers will verify the home's electrical panel quality before quoting any installation prices. A brand new electrical panel could be necessary if the existing one is too old or overloaded with circuits. It might be necessary to hire an electrician as well to work alongside roofers for a superior solar installation.

Homeowners should select a contractor with a close relationship with both roofing and solar manufacturers. These professionals usually have specialized training to estimate and install materials according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Rooftop and solar warranties can last for several years, so a contractor's expertise and product knowledge are crucial for a quality installation.

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