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Learning more about some of the roofing problems that are common in Syracuse may benefit local homeowners in the area. Depending on how long it takes to address the issue, often times, the homeowner may need assistance from a professional Syracuse roofing contractor. Understanding more about how the damage develops might help some property owners avoid exorbitant repair costs or replacing the roof if possible. Some of the roofing problems that occur most frequently in the area include icicles, ice dams, roof leaks and wet insulation.

Roof damage may not only lead to expensive repair costs, it may expose property owners to additional liabilities if a passerby or visitor suffers a resulting injury. The hazards presented by this type of weather damage are not always immediately apparent. Many of the problems begin to occur for property owners once the weather begins to change, causing the snow and ice to thaw. Certain sections of the roof are more prone to developing leaks than others. These issues are most likely to occur around damaged shingles, at the joints between the chimney and roof or the roof's sloped sections.

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Since they receive the most exposure to the sun, the shingles on the south side of the property typically begin to deteriorate first. The leaking can cause mold and wood rot that affects the rafters or insulation beneath the surface. Temperature changes during the winter months can cause the snow at the rooftop to thaw and form a pool of icy water around the gutter. When the icy water is unable to run off due to clogged gutters or unmelted snow, ice dams are likely to develop. This can cause water to build up beneath the shingles and may also cause enough damage to clog the gutters throughout the remainder of the year.

Ice dams that go untreated throughout the winter can also form icicles that hang from the roof's edge. Property owners may face serious liability issues if these icicles fall from the roof and injure someone below. Attempting to remove these icicles without the help of a professional roofer can be extremely hazardous as well. The formation of ice dams increase the risk of leakage, and even after the insulation dries out, its efficacy may be degraded significantly. A damaged roof that goes untreated throughout the winter can cause a litany of long-term problems inside the home as well, including mold on the walls or ceiling.

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