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Roofing and HVAC services often intermingle at a homeowner's property because these two household components are often installed together on rooftops. Contractors typically install air conditioners on roofs because it saves yard space for the homeowners. However, lack of communication between Syracuse roofing professionals and HVAC personnel can lead to leaks into the home at these air conditioner locations. Homeowners should hire roofers and HVAC personnel for same day appointments to truly service the rooftop with high quality results.

As both contracting professionals arrive at the property, they can first discuss proper rooftop protocols and verify the correct footwear worn by all individuals before proceeding onto the shingles. Roofing contractors can examine shingles and other components at that point while HVAC personnel perform their work at the air conditioning unit. If the appliance must be removed and replaced, roofers can be actively involved with this process to ensure that no surface damages arise during unit transport. Shingles and flashing, for instance, may be damaged as HVAC personnel detach the heavy air conditioner on the rooftop.

HVAC removal provides an instant view of the wood decking below it. Roofers can inspect this area for any rot or other deterioration. Ideally, roofers should remove this decking to inspect rafters before a new HVAC unit is installed.

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All structural framework must be free of any rot or pest infiltration to support the new air conditioning unit. Roofers must estimate and repair framework before any further HVAC activities begin again.

With strong rafters and new wood decking in place, HVAC personnel can continue their work. Roofers may guide the HVAC installation by pointing out proper curb or framework attachment points to technicians. HVAC units must be properly seated on the rooftop's framework to reduce decking damage. Roofers continue their project contributions by hauling shingle bundles to the rooftop and adding flashing around HVAC components for leak free functionality.

Both contractors must test their respective components to complete the project. HVAC personnel test system operations, for instance. Roofers must run a garden hose to the surface and simulate rain down the rooftop. Ideally, water flow should quickly move around the HVAC installation and into gutters without any leaks into the rooftop. Both contractors must verify their checkpoints before leaving the property.

Homeowners must carefully interview their contractors to find the right mixture of professionals for both roofing and HVAC care. In fact, residents should make each appointment a dual experience by scheduling both roofers and HVAC technicians simultaneously. Homeowners are able to benefit from both expert opinions, and technicians take advantage of safe rooftop access with each appointment. In the end, all household components will be preserved for many years with expert evaluations.

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