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Radiant barriers are low emissivity materials that help to lessen the amount of heat that is able to build up within the attic space. While a barrier can be retrofitted onto an existing house, the easiest and most effective way to include one is by installing it at the time a house is built. When Syracuse roofing experts can install wooden sheathing along with an attached radiant barrier, homeowners will likely benefit in terms of comfort, energy efficiency and utility savings.

Manufacturers build on a layer of aluminum foil to one side of the wood decking. These four feet wide by eight feet long boards are then ready to be attached to the roof's rafters by the roofers. So long as there is at least one inch of space between the foil and the attic's floor, the radiant barrier will be able to do its job of radiating heat away from the attic space. The sheathing is installed foil side down and no insulation is installed on top of the reflective surface. If desired, the homeowners can have roofers install loose fill, blown in or fiberglass blanket insulation on the attic's floor. Doing so will stop any thermal transfer between the upper level of the home's living quarters and the attic's interior.

One of the leading benefits of aluminum covered oriented strand board sheathing is its affordability.

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The time and costs to install the wooden boards are not any higher than installing boards without the radiant barrier. Each piece of board costs a few dollars more compared to an uncovered board. For the cost of an entire roof, this amounts to just a few hundred dollars. The radiant barrier can save property owners an average of six percent on their summertime cooling costs, providing a payoff period of about 9 to 11 years. The exact payoff depends on how much of the summertime sunlight the roof receives, whether the roof is shaded by nearby deciduous trees, the color of the exterior roofing materials and whether the rooftop is made of asphalt shingles or some other material.

Another benefit of a radiant barrier is its ease of installation. Having a pre-installed radiant barrier saves a considerable amount of labor time as opposed to installing sheathing and a separate barrier. The radiant barrier covered boards are installed in the same way as plain boards are.

While there are good reasons to choose this building material, there are a few drawbacks to using radiant barrier covered wooden sheathing. The radiant barrier blocks beneficial wintertime warmth. For homes in northern climates, the payback period is longer compared to homes in southern climates.

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