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Choosing the right roofing contractor to install or replace a home's roof is one of the most important decisions that a homeowner makes when arranging for maintenance and repairs. Experienced Syracuse roofing experts take the time to do the job right and avoid common installation problems that may cause new problems to develop or existing problems to worsen. Homeowners can learn about these five common roof installation mistakes and what careful roofers do to avoid them.

Inadequately fastened sheathing is the number one mistake made when applying a new roof. The sheathing consists of large, 4x8-foot sheets of oriented strand board or plywood. It may have a foil covering on one side that acts as a radiant barrier. Improperly fastened nails, too few fasteners, failure to install a rake drip edge and gaps between separate pieces of decking are all common issues. Roofers avoid these mistakes by taking their time when installing this critical component of the rooftop.

The second most common mistake is misaligning the starter courses of asphalt or composite shingles. If the first two rows of shingles are not staggered, their tabs align, creating a gap every three feet where water can leak right on through to the roof's decking. To avoid this, experienced roofers stagger each row of shingles so that their ends do not line up.

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Improper nailing of the shingles is the third most prevalent roofing mistake. Using nails that are too short, too thin or the wrong type is a common issue. Not using enough nails or putting the nails too far apart or too close together is also a frequent problem. In addition, nails that are over-driven or under-driven also cause issues like shingle splitting or failure of the shingles to properly adhere to the deck. Careful roofers work methodically to ensure that nails are placed according to the shingle manufacturer's specifications.

Poorly designed drainage of the roof is the fourth most commonly made error. Gutters without downspouts and can cause leaks. Some of these problems are related to poor roof design, while on other occasions it is a mistake in the selection of building materials.

Material mishandling is also common. This may take place when the shingles are transported to the home or when they are loaded up onto the roof for installation. Before laying a shingle and attaching it to the roof, trustworthy roofers will check it to make sure there are not any stress fractures, cracks or related problems.

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