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Homeowners who have recently weathered a severe hail storm may want to know if their roof has been damaged by the hail before contacting a Syracuse roofing professional. In many cases, if hail has caused significant damage to the roof surface, homeowner's insurance will cover all or a portion of the cost of a new roof. However, an inspection must be conducted quickly and documented to prove that the damage was, in fact, caused by the hail storm.

One of the best ways to determine whether hail damage has occurred is by looking for patches of missing granules on the shingles. Often, hail will cause granules to come loose in the direction that the wind is blowing during the storm and in large patches all at once. This gives the appearance of multiple large dark spots all running in the same direction. The substrate beneath the granules will be exposed and typically be darker than the sun-faded surface of the surrounding shingles.

Over years of normal wear, granules will naturally erode away from the surface of a shingle. However, normal wear tends to be uniform across each side of the roof, as each side is receiving the same amount of weathering at the same time. On the other hand, hail is unpredictable, and variations in the way hail falls and blows around causes the damage to be uneven.

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In addition, in very old roofs that have lost a lot of their granule texture, the substrate beneath is typically faded over the process of that erosion. Thus, even if there are bald patches with no granules protecting them, the substrate will not be as dark or fresh looking because it has been experiencing sun exposure all along.

A good inspection for hail damage should also include checking the gutters. As the rain, hail and debris run down the roof during a storm, all of the loosened granules will also wash down into the gutters. Plus, if the corners or edges of the shingles take a beating and break away, there will be collected evidence in the gutters.

A complete inspection for hail damage will include plenty of pictures and evidence of the fresh damage. It is very important to collect all of this information to submit to the insurance company right away, so that the roof doesn't continue to wear down in the damaged spots. A professional inspector will be able to circle the damaged patches with chalk or another marking material to clearly indicate the problem areas.

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