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Mobile home roofs are designed to be very durable, but that doesn't mean regular maintenance isn't required to keep them in good condition. One of the most important things a homeowner can do to ensure the longevity of a mobile home roof is to periodically recoat it with sealant. Here are some steps Syracuse roofing contractors recommend when performing this task.

The first step should be to clean the roof thoroughly by using a push broom to get rid of leaves and debris. Next, homeowners may use mild detergent and a pressure washer to remove dirt, bird droppings and tree sap.

While the roof is drying, an inspection should be made to check for signs of rust. These spots can then be sanded over with sandpaper or steel wool, then covered with a primer. Very large rust spots could require patching with a small piece of sheet metal first.

Individuals should also inspect the previous layer of sealant for signs of peeling or flaking. A wire brush or piece of steel wool should be used to completely remove peeling and flaking sealant. Any particles that were removed should then be swept away with a push broom. If heavy scraping is needed, a second rinse with a power washer might also be required.

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Before adding a new coat of sealant, certain areas should first be covered with a layer of patching cement. Patching cement should be applied to the seams, flashing and screw heads. If the roof also contains a J rail, patching cement should be placed along the edge of it as well.

Patching cement should be allowed to completely dry. Leaving it to set overnight is recommended. Once the cement is completely dry, roof coating may then be applied to the surface of a roof with a paint roller.

Older mobile homes may require more than one coat of sealant. Homeowners may also want to add more than one coat on newer mobile homes in order to provide the roof with additional protection. If more than one coat is needed, individuals should wait at least 24 hours between each one.

Roof coating should be reapplied every two to three years, or sooner if there are signs of peeling, cracking or fading. Doing so is fairly inexpensive, and can easily be performed as a DIY project. Mobile home roof coating provides a unique layer of protection against leaking, so people should not underestimate its importance.

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