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When homeowners upgrade the siding on their house, they may overlook vinyl materials because they are typically perceived to be cheaper and less durable than other siding options. Contrary to popular belief, vinyl is a dynamic material that Syracuse roofing and siding experts typically recommend over other siding options.

One of the main reasons why homeowners on a budget should consider vinyl siding is the low price tag. According to studies from the Vinyl Siding Institute, it's the cheapest cladding material on the market. To illustrate, brick costs around 426 percent more than vinyl siding to both purchase and have professionally installed. Even other cheap siding materials, such as fiber cement, cost more than vinyl siding because the labor required for its installation is around 63 percent more expensive.

Vinyl siding is also a good way for homeowners to increase the curbside appeal of their home. Replacing worn out cladding with fresh vinyl is one of the cheapest ways to increase home values, according to a 2007 report. In most cases, homeowners can also recover nearly 84 percent of the cost of installing vinyl siding when they sell the home.

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This means that vinyl siding is an inexpensive way to increase the appeal of a home, regardless of whether the homeowner is thinking about moving.

Homeowners often worry that vinyl siding won't stand up well to storms because of how lightweight it is. The Vinyl Siding Institute reports that vinyl is more durable than most homeowners believe. It can withstand wind speeds of up to 110 miles per hour, and its unique structure makes it extremely resistant to moisture, cold and heat. This makes vinyl siding an ideal option for homeowners who live in extreme climates.

It's also worth noting that, in many cases, vinyl siding helps fight allergies. This is particularly true for homeowners with allergies to mildew and mold because many types of vinyl resist both of these organic substances. Some even help prevent airborne mold spores from entering the house. The Vinyl Siding Institute says that numerous vinyl manufacturers list the allergens that their vinyl siding products defend against.

Vinyl siding also takes less time to install. Roofing and siding experts typically find that vinyl siding is the easiest material to work with, allowing them to quickly install it. The faster the vinyl goes up, the quicker it can protect the home from moisture damage. Additionally, this material requires considerably less maintenance than other siding options such as wood.

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