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Many homeowners are surprised at the variety of quality options available for roofing materials in today's market. When a homeowner is getting their roof replaced, they have the opportunity to evaluate whether their current roofing material is working well for them or not and giving their house the appeal that they want it to have. Homeowners should discuss their options in roofing materials with their Syracuse roofing contractor to help determine the best materials for their budget and their needs.

Wood roofing material is a higher end option. Many people are drawn to wood shakes or shingles due to their natural look and the unique personality they can give a home. Even if everyone in the neighborhood has a roof made from wood, each roof can look different due to the innate variation in patterns, wood cut, wood thickness and variation in color.

Homeowners should be aware that wood shakes and shingles are not easy to install and require an experienced and trained roofer to do so. Because of this, homeowners can expect to pay a premium in installation costs. In addition, wood shakes can cost as much as three to five times as much as the traditionally popular asphalt shingle. However, wood shakes and shingles will last typically five to ten years longer than asphalt shingles.

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Depending on the quality of materials and the workmanship, wood roofs can last between 30 to 60 years. For some homeowners, the extra years are worth the extra initial investment.

Wood roofing options are environmentally friendly, as they are created from a natural and renewable resource. They are also biodegradable, and therefore will not sit in landfills for decades, like asphalt shingles and other roofing materials will. Some wood shakes are even 100 percent recyclable and require very little energy to be produced. Wood also has an excellent insulative value, making it even better for a home's energy savings. In fact, it is noted by experts that wood roofing materials allow a home to breath and remove toxins in exchange for fresh air.

One drawback to wood shakes and shingles is that they generally require more maintenance than their asphalt counterparts. Newer and replacement shakes and shingles will need to be matched to the old ones. Homeowners should be on the lookout for any infestations of mold, algae or mildew growth in their wood shakes or shingles. Symptoms of this include any brown, black or green spots or streaking. If this is noted, the homeowner will need to have their roof professionally cleaned.

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