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Syracuse Roofing: Article About Preventing Termite Damage On A Roof

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Many homeowners underestimate the importance of maintaining the roof on a building, but it is ultimately the structure that protects the home's interior space and the residents living there. Termites are a known threat to roofs that can cause extensive damage very quickly. In some cases, the damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Those who want to avoid termite infestations can take a few preventative measures to keep the insects away from the structure.

First of all, wood mulch should be cleared from the foundation or raked several inches from the building. Experts recommend that it should not be kept close to siding, doors or windows that are on the property.

Wood or lumber that is piled in the yard is one of the most common reasons that termites find their way onto the home. Keep the stacked wood away from the building and elevate it off of the ground several feet away from the home. Dead trees or branches that are on the property should also be removed and discarded.

Improper drainage is another reason that termite infestations occur.

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It is important to clean out rain gutters regularly with the help of a Syracuse roofing professional to prevent moisture from collecting in the debris. All downspouts should be channeling water away from the home and should not be allowing water to accumulate in puddles near the building. Leaky plumbing should be repaired immediately and any moisture issues in crawlspaces or the basement should be fixed by a professional.

A professional roofer should inspect the roof every six months to monitor the structure for infestations. This will help to eliminate them immediately and prevent the problem from getting worse. Both chemical and nonchemical remedies can be used to spot treat the affected areas in cases where the infestation is limited. The damaged roof can also be removed and replaced to repair the structure.

The roof can also be well coated with undamaged and untracked paint to prevent the termites from getting through the wood. Direct wood treatments and various monitoring stations can be used. Monitoring stations are not intrusive and will provide warning signs of any recent termite activity.

In addition to other preventative measures, the attic windows and vents should be equipped with screens. Extra cellulose material that is lying around the house should also be thrown out, especially in areas like crawlspaces. Wooden siding should be at least 6 inches away from the ground.

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