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Because a roofing company usually needs to be called to get rid of an ice dam, it's important for homeowners in Syracuse and other snowy places to know how to prevent ice dams from forming in the first place. Ice dams are not only heavy; they also trap water on the roof. Heat from the home warms the water underneath the block of ice, but the cold outside temperature keeps the outer edges frozen. This trapped water seeps into the house where it can cause further water damage.

Therefore, taking steps to prevent ice dams is essential for a homeowner with a house that is prone to ice dams. A Syracuse roofing company can assist with the process of safeguarding a home against ice dams.

One option is to add insulation to the attic or improve upon the existing insulation. For homes that do not have an attic, it's possible to place furring strips on the rafters for greater insulation. There are many different types of insulation, so homeowners should ask a roofing professional which is best for their specific home.

Another tip for preventing ice dams is to seal air leaks, especially those that lead to the attic. Heat in the attic is one of the causes of an ice dam, so any air leaks must be sealed to decrease the amount of heat that travels to the attic.

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Homeowners can have a professional roofer inspect the gable or soffit to ridge ventilation because poor ventilation sometimes renders a house more susceptible to ice dams.

An effective option is to have a rubberized roofing underlayment installed underneath the shingles. While very effective, it's not recommended to install the rubberized roofing underlayment unless a new roof is being installed because of the cost and time involved.

Another last resort is having a deicing system installed, which heats up when it senses snow or ice. It melts the snow, allowing it to properly drain like rainwater. A deicing system is recommended for houses with complex roof designs and areas on the roof that are difficult to rake with a snow rake.

The best way to prevent ice dams from developing is to reduce the heat in the attic and have the snow raked off the roof when necessary. Once an ice dam has formed, it must be removed by a professional to avoid risk of injury or damage to the house. Thus, homeowners can save time and money by implementing these methods for preventing ice dams.

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