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Gutter clogs can cause a variety of types of damage. When gutters are not in good shape, it can lead to standing water on the roof and damage to foundations, side walls and soffits. One common cause of problems with gutters is clogs due to an accumulation of debris, and gutter guards and gutter filters can help to prevent them from developing.

Syracuse roofing services can install guards or filters, although people may choose to do this on their own. Gutter guards generally go over the gutter to keep debris out, while gutter filters usually create a barrier that allows water, but not debris, to go through.

There are a variety of types of gutter guards. One of the more common types is a mesh cover that goes over the gutters. The potential downside is that larger mesh openings may still allow smaller debris to get through, even if leaves and twigs are filtered out. Another type of guard uses slats similar to those in window coverings that allow water to flow through at an angle and keep out debris. As with mesh style guards, larger openings may allow smaller bits to get through.

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It is important to note that since gutter guards still allow detritus to get through, especially in the case of dirt, insects and small broken bits of asphalt shingles, gutters still need to be cleaned out. Guards can make the job easier and people may be able to go longer between cleanings, but cleanings still need to occur or clogs will develop. The guards themselves may also need to be cleaned off to ensure that water is able to get through them.

Gutter filters are another popular way of preventing clogs. Filters are often better at keeping both large and small debris out of gutters, but they may require more attention than guards. Some filters are just installed in certain locations in the gutter, so that when water flows through, any detritus is caught in something similar to a sieve.

Another increasingly popular type of filter is nylon, which looks like a giant sponge. They are placed in the gutter, and water can flow through them, but any debris sits on the top of the sponge-like material. These are also able to prevent gutters from freezing because they keep snow out of the gutters.

As with guards, filters do not mean that someone can skip cleaning their gutters. Filter inserts will need to be cleaned out regularly to prevent blocks from forming where filters are, and nylon filters may need to be rinsed off occasionally.

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