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When it comes to maintaining a roof's home, extra care should be taken before and during the winter season to prevent damage from the harsh weather conditions. The extreme amount of pressure and force from winter storms can cause the roofing materials to deteriorate very quickly. For those who want to protect their roof at the end of the year, there are a few important steps to take with the help of a Syracuse Roofing professional.

One of the most common reasons that ice dams occur is because of too much snow accumulating on the roof. It's important for homeowners to use an ice rake and start from the ends of the roof when removing the snow. The oldest snow should be removed first because it often weighs the most and will begin to put a large amount of pressure on the home. Removing snow from the roof will also help prevent ice dams from forming.

Rain gutters should be cleaned of leaves and other debris to promote proper water flow on the roof. This will prevent standing water from pooling and can reduce the risk of leaks developing in the future.

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In addition to items on the roof, the surrounding landscaping features can also cause damage to a home's roof. A homeowner's main concern in this area should be nearby trees. Tree branches that are too close to the home can easily fall on the structure and cause punctures or loosen roofing materials. Experts recommend having the trees trimmed at the end of the fall season to prevent this type of damage and keep pesky critters off of the roof surface.

If roof shingles or tiles have become loose, securing them with roofing cement will prevent tear offs from occurring during high winds. A roofing professional will be able to inspect the materials and determine if any are loose. If tiles or shingles are discovered in the yard after a heavy storm, it means that the roofing materials will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Beyond the shingles, homeowners should make sure their home's flashing is in good condition. Signs of damage and wear to the flashing include gaps, which can eventually allow moisture to leak into the home.

An inspection should also be performed on the roof after the winter season concludes to identify any areas that need to be repaired. This will help increase the lifespan of the structure and will prevent water from getting into the home.

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