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Although many people are most concerned about the winter weather damaging their home's roof, summer conditions can also be very damaging to residential roofing materials. From hurricanes to high temperatures, the summer weather can wreak havoc on the roof and cause the materials to deteriorate and eventually fail. For those who want to protect their roof until fall arrives, there are a few steps to take with the expertise of a Syracuse roofing professional.

One of the main problems that comes with the summer season is having a roof that becomes too warm due to excessive sun exposure and high temperatures. This can cause the inside of the home to become too warm and will easily increase the electricity bill each month. To reduce the home's energy usage, homeowners can paint their roof a lighter shade with white or off white colors. This is a particularly good idea for homes in climates that are warmer throughout the year, rather than just the summer season. A cool roof coating can also be applied by a roofer to increase the home's solar reflectance and keep less heat from being attracted to the structure.

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This will also reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed through the roof and into the building.

The attic is one of the main influences of the roof's temperature because it is located directly underneath it. Homeowners can mitigate their attic's effect on the roof by installing vents and fans in the space to promote proper airflow. If the attic becomes too warm, it can make the shingles or tiles on the roof to become too hot, which can cause cracking and/or curling and lead to shingle failure.

Summer hurricanes are commonplace in many different locations across North America. Homeowners living in these locations should take the time to prep their roof for extreme weather conditions. If possible, trees should be trimmed several weeks before the storm arrives to prevent the branches from coming in contact with the roofing structure. All tiles or shingles that are missing should also be replaced to ensure that the structures underneath are protected. If any of the materials are loose, roofing cement can be applied to secure them to the building and prevent blow offs from occurring. Hurricane straps should also be installed to prevent the roof from blowing off of the home. This metal material will secure the roofing structure to the four walls of the building and protect it from damage in high winds.

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