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Syracuse Roofing: Article About New Roofing Felt Benefits

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Roof systems depend on several layers to ward off moisture damage over several decades. An integral part to any roofing system is underlayment or roofing felt. This layer resides between the shingles and the wood decking. Syracuse roofing professionals inspect the roofing felt when they remove any shingles for basic repairs or an entire tearoff project. Typically, professionals install new roofing felt during any shingle service call, because of its superior system benefits.

Brand new roofing felt doesn't have any tears to compromise its leak-free features. Old roofing felt usually has tears from fasteners piercing its surface. Roofing nails must pierce shingles, underlayment and wood decking for proper system installations, for instance. When roofers expose felt for any purpose, they should replace it with new materials. This service strategy allows the roof to have new materials throughout its lifespan until a complete tearoff and renovation are necessary.

Removing and replacing roofing felt gives roofers a chance to inspect the decking below. Contractors use exposure 1 grade plywood to form roof decking or sheathing. This lumber type is strong and flexible, and it can hold roofing materials for many decades at a time. However, plywood strength dwindles with dry rot damage.

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Roofing felt can actually hide significant sections where rot is growing at rapid speed. Contractors must remove these sheathing areas and replace them for a quality finished product.

Contractors who remove roofing felt from sheathing also reveal possible holes within the plywood. For example, previous roofing installers may not have pulled all the nails from the plywood to properly lay the underlayment and shingles afterward. With roofing felt removed, contractors can now remove these rogue nails. Experienced roofers also fill open nail holes with roofing cement to further protect the structure from water leaks. Afterward, the resulting felt and shingle installation has a smooth deck and a secure area for fastener connections.

Alternatively, homeowners could request for contractors to pull old roofing felt and install synthetic materials. This request is normally reserved for roof replacement projects, however. Homeowners benefit from synthetic underlayment because it rarely wrinkles and withstands sunlight radiation for longer periods than roofing felt. Contractors can offer two underlayment estimates, so homeowners can compare costs between roofing felt and synthetic materials.

Homeowners might discuss rooftop installation details with professionals, including the addition of another underlayment layer. Contractors usually install an ice and water barrier and roofing felt on structures prone to heavy rains and snow. Homeowners should seriously consider the extra underlayment layer to further protect their property investment.

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