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Asphalt shingles may still rule the roost as the roof of choice for American homeowners, but durable metal roofs are gaining popularity. This year, more than seven million homeowners will replace their roofs, and a growing number of them will choose metal for its durability and long-term economy.

When trusted Syracuse roofing contractors offer the option of metal roofing, some homeowners make the mistake of picturing cheap-looking rippled roofs found on old tin sheds. In fact, today's metal roofs are available in a wide variety of attractive forms, from stone coated steel roofs, made to look like high end asphalt shingles, to more traditional standing seam roofs. Whatever the style of home, there's a metal roof to complement and enhance the architecture.

Aside from metal's good aesthetics, one of the most noticeable benefits of metal roofing is its durability. The lifespan of a metal roof is often 40 to 60 years, two to four times longer than an asphalt shingle roof. So while the cost of installing metal roofing is more expensive than most asphalt shingles, homeowners reap long term financial benefits with a longer lasting metal roof.

The performance of a metal roof is also attractive. Metal roofs don't suffer from many of the most common roof problems like cracking, curling, rotting, splitting or warping.

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Zinc or copper based roofs are also naturally resistant to damaging growths like black algae and mold. Many homeowners in northern climates also prefer standing seam metal roofs for their ability to easily shed rain and snow, while resisting the troublesome freeze-and-thaw cycle.

A lesser known feature of metal roofing is its environmental benefit. With metal roofing's long lifespan, homeowners replace metal roofs less frequently and generate less roofing waste. Beyond that advantage, though, metal roofs are continuously recyclable. They usually contain a minimum of 28 percent recycled materials, and every time they are ripped off a roof, they can be recycled again.

Energy savings is also notable with metal. Most metal roofs are considered cool roofs, helping homeowners save about 20 percent on air conditioning costs. Some metal roofs can also help homeowners save on water consumption, too, since they keep rainwater runoff potable.

The performance of metal roofing is also well-documented. Most metal roofs are non-combustible, earn Class A ratings for fire resistance and qualify for Class 4 impact resistance ratings, which means they effectively repel hail. If installed correctly, metal roofs can also withstand the high winds found with tropical storms and hurricanes.

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