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Syracuse roofing professionals encounter many homeowners who are curious about using metal as a roofing material. There are positives and negatives associated with using metal for roofs. These vary depending on the type of metal that is used.

Terneplate is a soft metal that has a coating of lead and tin. It is durable and relatively inexpensive. If the roof is properly installed, it should last for up to 50 years.

Galvanized steel is another inexpensive metal that can last as a roofing material for six decades or more. It is a steel alloy that has a protective coating of zinc. Galvanized steel is resistant to rust.

Aluminum is growing in popularity as a roofing material because it resists corrosion and needs little to no maintenance. Aluminum does a great job reflecting heat and keeping the house cooler during the summer. As a result, a home with an aluminum roof will consume less energy. One downside of aluminum is that it is a finite resource, and many worry that it should not be used in roofing. Another problem is that aluminum has an industrial appearance and must be coated to make it appear aesthetically pleasing in a residential environment.

Copper is a roofing material that is usually only seen on high end homes. This is because it is exceptionally expensive and difficult to obtain.

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Copper roofs are beautiful, durable and have been known to last for centuries. Copper will protect the home from fire, lightning strikes and severe weather.

Metal roofs do not work well in seacoast areas because the air is full of corrosive salt, which will drastically shorten a metal roof's life span. The same is true of metal roofs installed in areas that have heavy pollution.

Some argue that metal roofs are louder during rainstorms than traditional roofing. However, if the roofing material is properly installed on the decking and if the home has adequate insulation, the noise produced by a metal roof during the rain should be no more than with a nonmetallic roof.

Metal roofs work well in areas with heavy snowfall. They are slick and have a low friction, which allows them to shed snowfall before it has a chance to build up. Metal roofs are also strong enough to resist damage from falling tree limbs and hail damage.

Finally, metal roofs are good for the environment and are considered to be a green building material. Most metal roofs are made with recycled materials. When they reach the end of their life cycle, they can be recycled and used for other purposes.

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