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Metal roofing products are fast becoming one of the top choices for homeowners who are replacing an aging asphalt roof. Not only does metal last longer, it provides some money saving benefits for cost conscious property owners. Consulting with a certified Syracuse roofing professional can help those interested in reroofing with metal decide on the best product that meets their budget and their design aesthetic. Here are a few ideas with which to get started.

Metal roofing is available in both standing seam sheets and individual shingles. While standing seam roofing is a bit more expensive than metal shingle, each type is available in a range of styles and colors so that property owners can match the roof to the existing décor of their homes. Shingles can actually be coated to resemble more traditional roofing products, like asphalt or slate, depending on the individual homeowner's preference.

Both shingle and standing seam metal provide outstanding protection against the elements. Metal is fire proof; mold, mildew, and pest resistant; can stand up to extreme winds and provides the best coverage in areas that get a lot of snow and ice. Often metal roofs can be installed over the top of existing asphalt roofs, which saves the cost of a tear off.

Not only does metal provide superior protection, it saves money on the electric bill.

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Light colored roofs naturally reflect the sun's rays, making a home easier to cool in the summer. Light reflecting pigments can be added for customers who prefer darker colors in order to achieve this effect. Additionally, because metal roofs are considered a green product, there are tax incentives for property owners who elect to install a metal roof. These are generally given in the form of a tax credit and are often eligible for both federal and state tax breaks. Many of the state tax breaks exceed the standard federal tax cut of up to 30 percent of purchase and installation costs.

Although metal roofs do cost more than asphalt, they last a great deal longer and deliver the best protection to the home. In snowy areas, metal is ideal, particularly on steep pitched roofs because the snow tends to creep off the metal rather than slide off in large sheets. Metal roofs are less prone to ice damns as well.

The warranties for metal roof installations are significantly longer than for asphalt; usually about 50 years. They may last much longer, so the greater upfront investment pays off in the long run. For an environmentally friendly roofing option that won't break the budget, choose metal.

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