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Many people choose not to concern themselves with roofing affairs until they are faced with a situation in which it is unavoidable. When homeowners find themselves in need of a roofing repair or installation, they suddenly realize that they are in unfamiliar territory. Just having a general knowledge about the main components of a roof can go a long way toward helping someone ask relevant questions when they speak with a Syracuse roofing specialist.

Some homeowners may find it helpful to think of a roof as a series of protective layers draped over a supporting frame. The supporting frame, which can be composed of wood or steel, can be a series of rafters built directly on site or premanufactured trusses that are assembled offsite in a factory. Some roof designs are complex enough that they may require a combination of both custom and mass produced trusses. The roof frame should be able to support its own weight, the weight of any roof coverings and any additional environmental loads.

After the roof frame is installed, a roof deck has to be assembled.

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This is done by installing strips of wood such as battens or purlins across the frame or by fastening 4 feet by 8 feet pieces of plywood or oriented strand board onto the frame. Many roofing decks may use both. The functions of the roof deck are to serve as a layer of protection for the roof and to provide a stable and level surface on which to apply roof coverings.

Along with the roofing frame, the type of roof coverings that are used will depend directly on the roof's pitch, or the degree of the roof's incline. Almost every type of roof covering requires an underlayment that has to be applied to the roof deck first, and it should have water resistant and insulating properties. A few of the many kinds of roof coverings include shingles, tiles and panels, all of which can be made of some form of asphalt, metal or stone.

There are many varieties of the parts of a roof and the materials used to build them that can accommodate the various styles and designs of residential and commercial roofs. Many building owners will need someone with professional knowledge and experience to help them address whatever roofing issue they have, but they will find it helpful to have at least a basic understanding about the working of a roof.

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