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Clay roofing tiles are often installed on homes that have a southwestern or Spanish theme. However, there are many other reasons why a homeowner may wish to install clay tiles. Those who may be interested in installing clay roofing tiles should discuss their options with their local Syracuse roofing contractor.

When roofing tiles are properly maintained, they can last for 80 years or longer. They are often so durable, in fact, that roofing tiles that were used on homes built in the 3rd millennium BC have been found intact. They are resistant to damages caused by wind uplift, hail and heavy snowfall. If any tiles are broken, those tiles can be removed and replaced without the homeowner having to replace the old roof.

These tiles are also extremely safe when compared to wood shingles and asphalt shingles. Because clay tiles are not combustible, they are not a fire hazard. Additionally, the tiles can actually protect the home in the event that a neighbor's home catches fire.

One of the major disadvantages to installing clay tiles is that these tiles are extremely heavy.

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In many cases, existing roofs were not built to support the weight of clay tiles in addition to the snow that may pile up on them in the winter. In order to install this type of roofing material, the structural components of the roof, such as the trusses, will need to be strengthened significantly.

Even though the tiles themselves are very durable, the sheathing and the underlayment will not last as long. Every 20 years or so, the structural components will need to be replaced. This means that the tiles will have to be manually removed so the sheathing and underlayment can be replaced. The good news is that the tiles can then be reinstalled.

Finally, it can be difficult to clean the tiles as they are very fragile. Walking around on the roof can cause the tiles to crack. This means that all repairs must be completed by a professional roofer who knows how to move about on the roof without causing damages.

When installed on the right home, clay tile roofing can be extremely advantageous for homeowners. Although there are certainly some downsides to installing this type of roofing materials, the advantages well outweigh the disadvantages. Expert roofers can always help homeowners understand how to maintain the tiles. They can also assist with any major repairs that need to be done.

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