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Syracuse Roofing: Article About Important Steps After Storm Damage

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Whether it's a storm that brings high wind, pounding hail or falling tree limbs, when a roof has sustained any type of storm damage, knowing the proper steps to take can help ensure the homeowner gets the most protection from their homeowners insurance policy. Homeowners often think that it's okay to do a little cleanup or start securing their roof immediately after the storm subsides; however, it's important that the insurance company is able to document the extent of damage that actually occurred.

If the roof needs to be covered in order to protect against further damage, a Syracuse roofing contractor can provide expert help. The homeowner should first contact their insurance company to file a claim and schedule a time when an insurance adjuster can come out and inspect the property. While they wait for the insurance agent to document the damage, the homeowner should take numerous pictures that clearly show the damage. They can also use this time to make sure their property is as secure as possible.

A reputable roofing contractor should be called in to inspect the roof and write up a detailed estimate for the cost of replacing the roof or making any necessary repairs. This estimate should also include the materials that will be used and an estimate of the project's duration. Of course, it is essential that the contractor one hires is a local contractor with a solid reputation for quality service.

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Homeowners must be very careful after a major storm that they don't fall victim to an unscrupulous contractor looking to make some fast money at the expense of people who have had their homes damaged in the storm.

A local contractor should be easy to vet. They'll have local customers who will provide good reference.s They will also have a good standing with the local Better Business Bureau. When a local contractor is used for roofing repairs, it's much more likely they'll be there if the homeowner experiences a problem down the road.

Once the insurance agent has had a chance to inspect the damage, they will determine the amount of coverage and the homeowner will receive a settlement. At this point, the contractor can begin repairs. The contractor should have already examined the damage and provided the homeowner with a written estimate, so they will be ready to begin repairs.

Whether the roof is missing a few fiberglass shingles or a tree limb has fallen onto concrete shingles, leaving them cracked or broken, a homeowner should always hire a reputable roofing contractor with experience working with these materials. Choosing the right roofing contractor is the best way to ensure quality results.

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