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An ice and water shield is a great product for use in climates that experience a significant amount of snowfall each year. Similar in appearance to bituminous waterproofing paper, or roofing felt, an ice and water shield possesses special attributes that make it much more effective at preventing roof leaks than traditional underlayment materials.

If a Syracuse homeowner is interested in preventing roof leakage from ice dams during the winter, he or she should contact a knowledgeable roofing professional. A local Syracuse roofing contractor will be able to inspect the home's roof, answer questions, make suggestions and offer affordable quotes for the installation of an ice and water shield.

The nails that are used to attach traditional felt paper and the shingles can create holes in the roof decking that can leak under heavy rains or a load of ice and snow. The water will pass around the nail shank, through the nail hole and will emerge on the underside of the roof in the attic. Leaks of this nature can eventually cause moisture damage to the roof decking and can encourage mildew and mold growth in the attic.

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Introduced to the market in the late 1970s, ice and water shields have a unique, rubber-like texture that will form a waterproof seal around any nails that are used to secure the shingles to the roof decking. Water cannot pass around a nail used with this product because of its sticky adhesive backing. In addition, the ice and water shield backing will adhere to the roof decking, effectively preventing water from seeping under it.

An ice and water shield can be a valuable ally when it comes to ice dams. If this product is applied under the shingles on the roof eaves where the ice dams form, it will prevent the melting water from the ice from entering the attic space. This will keep the attic dry and also the interior walls and ceilings of the house. The product should be applied at least three feet up the roof for complete protection from an ice dam.

Additionally, an ice and water shield can be beneficial in climates where hurricanes are common. This product's adhesive backing will keep the high-velocity winds from driving rain under the shingles or roofing tiles and causing leaks. In this sort of application, it is recommended that the whole roof be covered.

An ice and water shield can also be used in roof valleys or around chimneys, skylights or dormer windows to form watertight seals.

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