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Tin is a unique roofing option that provides a historic and rustic appearance. Commonly found on older homes, tin roofs are prone to damage and rust. While a rust patina may be a desirable aesthetic, the rust can lead to various cracks and holes. Homeowners can call a Syracuse roofing company to restore a tin roof. Restoration will increase the roof's longevity while making the roof look neat and clean.

The first step to restoring a tin roof is to clean off any debris. This includes fallen leaves and branches. If the roof is safe enough to walk on, this task can be done with a broom. However, a high pressure hose can be used to blast off debris that isn't as easy to reach.

After taking off loose debris, stains and rust will need to be removed. Depending on how the roof was taken care of, a tin roof may have bits of tar, paint, cement and much more. A scraper can be used to remove this leftover material. For more stubborn stains, chemicals can be used. Numerous chemical cleaners are available to help loosen a variety of different set-in stains. Paint thinners can be used to remove old paint, while chemical soakers can be used to penetrate and remove rust.

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Coarse brushes and power washers can be used to prepare a tin roof for painting.

The roof will usually be inspected for structural integrity. Significant damage will require an entire roof replacement. However, holes and cracks can usually be repaired. Small sections can be cut out and replaced with new sheets of tin. The new tin will be soldered in for strength. Seams can be ground down to produce a uniform appearance.

After cleaning and repairing holes, paint is used to prevent oxidation. First, a coat of rust resistant primer should be used. The primer can be applied with a dense roller brush or a sprayer. Usually, a single coat is all that is needed. However, professionals may use multiple coats to ensure that the roof has proper rust protection. Afterward, at least two coats of acrylic paint should be applied. Homeowners can choose to go with a clear coat to preserve the rustic appearance of the tin or use a colored paint.

If the roof is in bad condition, additional layers may be introduced after the rust resistant primer. A mesh can be used to provide strength and stability. The mesh is applied in strips on top of the wet primer coat. Wrinkles are removed to produce a smooth appearance. After drying, an acrylic primer is applied. This is followed by at least two coats of acrylic paint or clear topcoat.

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