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Syracuse Roofing: Article About How A Roof Inspection Is Done

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Regular roof inspections can help homeowners identify structural problems before costly repairs are needed. Syracuse roofing professionals use systematic and thorough methods to inspect a roof to determine if it is in good shape, if repairs are needed or if the whole roof needs to be replaced.

The first step in any roof inspection is to examine the roof, usually with binoculars, from the street or the sidewalk. Doing so allows the contractor to obtain close-up view of the roof without walking on it and causing further damage to failing shingles. Next, any problem areas that are spotted from the ground are inspected more closely on the roof itself.

During an inspection, roofers look for missing shingles or tabs. If there are multiple shingles or tabs missing, and there hasn't been a storm recently, it indicates a possibility of water damage in the exposed areas. Additionally, roofers look closely at the shingles that are still attached to the roof. If they appear to be worn out, or if the tabs are curling or cracked, it may be time to replace them.

When shingles start to wear out, the granules they are coated with fall away. The presence of granules in the gutters of a house is a sign that the shingles are aging. When enough granules have fallen off a shingle, it's possible to see the asphalt beneath.

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Roofers will step lightly on such shingles to see if they crumble. If so, they need to be replaced.

Sometimes, asphalt shingles that have worn away enough have tiny holes in them that allow the sunlight through. These can be seen as pinpricks of light from inside the attic of the house if planking is used rather than plywood for the roof deck.

Roofers look for problems at points where the roof has been punctured from below by vents, pipes, skylights and other objects. Aging or worn caulking, metal and roofing cement in such areas are signs that there is likely to be leaks. Roofers also look at valleys for signs of worn out materials since these areas are exposed to running water more than other parts of the roof. Sometimes, leaks can be fixed or patched with some roofing cement, caulk or with metal patches, but sometimes it's necessary to make more extensive repairs.

Another thing roofers look for is fungus on the roof. If the fungus is in a shaded area, it probably isn't a problem. However, if it's an open, sunny area, it likely means that the shingles are too moist and that water is leaking into the roof.

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