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Although it is frequently forgotten and ignored, the condition of the roof of a home is vital to the integrity of the entire home. The roof is a large portion of the home and is charged with protecting it and its contents and occupants against the elements. If the roof has been compromised, it can lead to leaking, which can lead to rotting wood, mold and other damages. Paying attention to the condition of a roof will help a homeowner decrease the chances of leaking and other damages happening, according to Syracuse roofing specialists.

Homeowners are strongly discouraged from climbing on their own roofs. This is due to safety concerns and the fact that they lack professional roofing knowledge and experience. Instead, homeowners can do a lot to inspect and maintain their roofs from the interior and the exterior without scaling the roof.

While the homeowner is coming and going from the home on a daily basis, they can keep their eyes on their roof. They can look to see if the roof is generally looking worn down, if granules are flaking off of the shingles in significant numbers, as well as to see if there are any missing shingles. They can also check the areas on the ground where the downspouts empty out to see if there are a significant amount of granules present.

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With a pair of binoculars, the homeowner can inspect the shingles for cracking, buckling, curling or displacement. The homeowner should also view the flashing around the roof and the chimney, if they can do so with their binoculars and not getting on top of the roof.

Inside the home, homeowners should keep their eyes open for any ceiling staining. Roof leaks can produce yellow or brown staining on ceilings. When these are seen, it is best to call a roofing professional right away to decrease any damages or extra expenses that might occur.

A homeowner can also crawl in their attic space to check the health of their roof. Here they can assess for any sunlight seen through the roofing materials, which would indicate the roof has been compromised. They can also look for damp or moist wood and insulation, mold or wood rot.

If a homeowner notices any of these symptoms they should get in touch with a professional roofer as soon as possible The longer problems are left alone, the more damage they will cause and the more they will likely cost the homeowner.

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