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Seemingly minor hail storms have the potential to cause roof damage. A storm that lasts mere minutes may tear shingles off a roof, cause leaks or even take out a home's chimney. Homeowners who suspect damage to their roof because of hail should consult a Syracuse roofing professional who has experience handling weather damage and insurance claims.

It is obvious when severe weather has damaged a roof, such as a broken chimney, debris or tree limbs laying atop a roof. Hail damage, however, isn't always noticed right away. A few signs of a hail damaged roof include water leaks after a storm, noticeable patches of shingles missing, missing pieces of fascia or fascia that is scattered on the ground, dimples in a home's siding, or water stains which suddenly appear on a ceiling or roof.

At the first sign of there being a problem, the best thing to do is avoid going onto the roof to inspect the issue. Doing so could be dangerous, especially in the midst of ongoing rain or snowstorms. Calling a roofing company skilled at repairing hail damage is strongly encouraged.

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In addition to assessing the damage and proposing solutions, a qualified roofing professional will be able to handle the issue safely and efficiently.

In the best cases, a hail damaged roof can be fixed with a patch job or replacement of some shingles. Severe roof damage often calls for full replacement. Dealing with the expense of completely replacing a home's roof can often be a stressful situation, but roofing protects a home's structure and its contents. The investment in replacing a hail damaged roof pays off in the end, especially if the roof is replaced with a material that is more weather resistant.

Fortunately, it may be possible for homeowners to file an insurance claim to have much of the expense of replacing a damaged roof taken care of. Roofers who are able to successfully navigate filing insurance claims and completing repairs properly can greatly alleviate the stress of homeowners.

Homeowners with insurance that covers hail damage should document the damage and contact their insurance agent to get confirmation of what is covered. Locating a reliable roofer is the next step, and is perhaps the most important. Not only will a good roofing company repair or replace a hail damaged roof, they will make suggestions on which materials to use to help prevent extensive damage in the future.

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