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Shingled rooftops are designed to withstand nature's weathering forces, from driving rain to several feet of snow. However, shingle strength is often challenged by hailstorms. In most cases, falling hail is only small, icy pieces. Syracuse roofing professionals often discuss weather damage with homeowners, especially large hail possibilities. In fact, contractors must perform specialized rooftop evaluations to verify if shingles suffer from cosmetic or functional damage after a strong hailstorm.

Initially, contractors must access the rooftop after a hailstorm clears. They must walk the entire surface to find all damages. Rooftop dents might be isolated in one area, for instance. In this case, hail damage isn't normally suspected because its occurrence creates widespread damage. Traditional hail dents are evenly distributed across the roof with nearly identical depression sizes. Contractors usually attribute isolated dents to other debris impacts. Roofers document all this damage information in their quote to be discussed with homeowners after the evaluation process.

Rooftop examinations allow contractors to get as close to the surface as possible. In fact, they may even use magnifying glasses to further inspect each depression. Because hailstones vary widely in size and impact speed, dents may not necessarily be harmful to the rooftop. Shingles could merely have cosmetic damage, for example.

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Cosmetic damage is isolated to the shingle's surface layer. Tiny, hairline cracks and hollows might be present, but with no major damages leading to sensitive layers below.

Contractors must use their experience and training to verify if damaged shingles must be immediately replaced. For instance, cosmetic damage does reduce shingle lifespans. Replacing the materials now gives the rooftop a new warranty period and nearly 30 years of life. However, homeowners may not want to invest in their rooftop at this point. As an alternative, contractors can frequently visit the property to further evaluate declining shingles over time. Roofers must replace materials when they display obvious leak points into the structure below.

Hail damage could be so severe that contractors must tarp the area until major repairs can be safely performed. For example, shingles could be fully cracked or missing entirely. In such a case, a roofer would tarp the area and quote repair costs. After cost approval, contractors repair the area. Although rare, severe hail damage can occur and must be met with expert surface evaluation to prevent leaks into the attic.

Ideally, homeowners should contact at least two contractors for hail damage evaluations. One roofer, for example, could overlook serious damage hidden in a valley. Obtaining several rooftop quotes protects homeowners' property investments and streamlines the repair process.

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