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The purpose of rain gutters is to collect all the water, melting ice and snow that drips off a roof. The gutters drain into downspouts which lead away from the home's exterior walls and foundation. By delivering the water at a downward slope away from the home's perimeter, this drainage system protects the structure from considerable water damage. However, sometimes not all of the water is able to make it into the gutter and instead leaks along the corners or walls, causing problems. Experienced Syracuse roofing experts can use several different methods to redirect the water to where it is supposed to go.

Rain diverters are a tried and true method of moving water to a different place on the roof. They are mostly used in places where the homeowner does not want a bunch of water falling off the side of the house, such as above a doorway or porch. These diverters consist of long strips of aluminum or galvanized steel that are bent at a 90 degree angle. The horizontal piece is slid underneath the shingles and secured with screws. The vertical portion blocks the flow of water.

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There are a few drawbacks to using these, as they may send too much water to other parts of the roof, causing a waterfall to occur elsewhere. They may also cause a standing pool of water to remain on the roof, increasing the risk of leaks. The shingles just behind and to the sides of the vertical portion of the diverter may experience excess wear and tear due to the rapidly flowing water around the device. The diverters should not be used on roofs that have a slope of less than 4:12.

The installation of kick-out flashing is another technique that professional roofers can use as a way to help water drain into the gutters instead of off the corner of the roof. This flashing is installed near the corners and at the edge of the gutter, about 6 to 12 inches above the roof's edge. The roofing crew can purchase these from manufacturers or create them on site or in their custom machining shops. Made of rust-resistant metals like aluminum and copper, this kind of flashing is secured underneath the shingles with roofing screws and a washer with a rubber or neoprene cap. This kind of flashing can be used on homes with a slope of 3:12 and higher. Some extra maintenance will be needed to keep debris from clogging up the area around the flashing.

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