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Gutters and a downspout are an important part of keeping water from getting into either a roof or damaging a home's foundation, so it is important that they are in good condition. If a homeowner is constantly dealing with leaking gutters, it may be a good idea to have new ones put in by a Syracuse roofing service.

There are a number of materials that replacement gutters may be made from, and they are available in a range of prices. The majority of gutters are aluminum, but homeowners also frequently choose to put in vinyl gutters. Galvanized steel, stainless steel and copper gutters are also available.

One of the reasons that aluminum gutters are so popular is because they do not rust. They are also available in K style, which means that they are seamless and made to order. This reduces the chances that leaks between joins will form. Aluminum gutters are not the sturdiest option, and leaning a ladder against them may leave a dent. They start at five dollars per foot.

Vinyl is an increasingly common choice among the DIY crowd because they are fairly easy to install and they are very cheap, with prices starting at around three dollars per foot. However, these are the least durable type of gutter material available.

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In addition to potentially being damaged by leaning a ladder against them, they may even bend or bow due to large amounts of water. Further, in areas with very high temperatures, these gutters may crack.

There are two types of steel gutters: galvanized and stainless. Galvanized gutters are the cheaper and the weaker option, and they may also rust, whereas stainless steel will not. Stainless steel gutters may be able to withstand even a tree limb falling on them, but galvanized gutters will almost certainly be damaged. However, galvanized steel gutters tend to be slightly more durable than aluminum.

By painting the inside and outside of galvanized steel gutters, property owners may keep them from rusting, but this may need to be repeated over time. Galvanized steel gutters start at four dollars per foot, and stainless steel costs around 20 dollars per foot.

Copper gutters are another very durable, but less popular, option due to their cost, which is about the same as having stainless steel gutters installed. They will not rust, and they are as resistant to damage as stainless steel. However, they may oxidize and turn green if they are not treated.

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