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Gutters are designed to ensure that when water drains off of roofing, either from rain or melted snow, the water does not run off the sides of a house. If rain just sluices off of the roof, it can splash along outside walls, discoloring them and creating an environment where mold may form, or where water forms pools around the base of a house.

Water that gathers around a home can cause the soil to erode, which may expose the foundation. The foundation may then end up with cracks in it if it is exposed to water over a long period of time. This is why the downspout directs water away from the house. A Syracuse roofing professional can help homeowners ensure their gutters are performing their job well and help homeowners learn how to keep gutters working properly.

One very common problem associated with gutters are clogs. Clogs are fairly common because so much debris can, and frequently does, collect in gutters. Along with insects, leaves and twigs, tiny bits of broken off asphalt shingles may gather in them. In some cases, birds may even create nests in gutters.

The more detritus that there is in a gutter, the harder it is for water to flow swiftly through it. When gutters are clogged, water may either back up on the roof or start to overflow.

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When water overflows, it will often produce results that are similar to the gutters not even being there, with water splashing the house and collecting in pools near the foundation.

If water ends up staying on the roof, it is not a lot better for the home. Roofs aren't designed to have water sitting on them, which is why they are slanted and have shingles that repel water. Water sitting on a roof will have time to start working past the roof's defenses, so leaks are more likely to develop. When enough water collects on a roof, it may create a dip in the roof because water is very heavy, even in relatively small amounts. If a depression is created, water may settle into it, even after gutters have been cleared out.

Gutters with enough debris may also settle, begin to pull away from the roof or both. With enough weight, gutters may begin to sag. This is bad because they are installed so they are tilted toward the downspout. When they are no longer inclined toward it, water cannot flow out of them. Enough weight from debris and water that is stuck may result in the gutters tearing away from the roof.

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