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Syracuse Roofing: Article About Finding The Source Of A Leak

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Syracuse roofing professionals know that there is no such thing as a convenient roof leak. Depending on where it is located, the leak can significantly damage the interior of the home and lead to secondary problems like mold growth. One of the biggest challenges that a homeowner faces is identifying the source of the leak. This is because the source of the leak outside very rarely matches where the leak appears inside the home. There is no exact science to finding the source of the leak since there are many factors that can contribute to it. Additionally, not all leaks are the result of a problem with the roof.

The best case scenario is that a homeowner will be able to see the leak as it happens. This will allow them to trace the leak back to its source and see how big of a leak they have, as opposed to trying to determine a leak's location based on stains on the ceiling. This requires a homeowner to search for the leak during a rainstorm or a snow melt. If this is not an option, homeowners can saturate the area where they suspect the leak to be with water from a garden hose for a period of time, until the leak becomes visible inside the home.

When searching for the source of a leak, homeowners should first confirm that the roof is the culprit.

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A leak very well may be caused by plumbing problems, roof drains or roof scuppers.

Once a homeowner is certain that the leak is caused by a problem in the roof, they need to measure the leak from two fixed points in the home. This could be from a chimney or a wall that extends all the way to the attic or roof.

Next, they need to go up to the attic and look for the source of the leak using the measurements obtained as a guide for where to look. The actual source of the leak may be in a completely different part of the roof than where the leak is showing in the interior of the home. A homeowner may need to do a little detective work.

Once the location of the leak is determined, homeowners can then examine their roof to see why the leak is occurring. They should look for openings in their roof system, such as damaged shingles, corroded flashings and underlayments that have been punctured.

Once they have this information, homeowners can contact a roofing professional and ask for opinions on how to best go about resolving the leak. The sooner a roof leak is found and repaired, the easier the work will be.

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