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Much like roofing designs and materials, dormers can come in many different shapes and styles. Dormers provide the home with an extra window and give each Syracuse roofing installation a distinct touch. Homeowners interested in finding out more about these different dormer styles can consult with a local roofing company.

Dormers with arched tops come from a style made famous in France. These arched top dormers come in various styles, each named after a period of French history. Second Empire style dormers originated in 1855 and remain popular to this day. Other styles include the Beaux Arts style crafted in 1885, named after the famous French architecture school, Ecole de Beaux Arts. Lastly, the French Eclectic style dormers are a style that began to show up on French homes in 1915.

Eyebrow dormers come from the style of homes found along the Atlantic shoreline. These communities often feature curved rooftops and a dormer that curves to match the overall feel of the roof. Roofing shingles can be curved around the eaves to complete the design.

Dormers can also be gabled. Gabled dormers as with gabled rooftops mean there are two sides that meet at one triangular point. This point is called the gable. Gabled dormers can be found on Queen Anne Victorian, Tudor and Craftsman homes.

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Roofs with gabled sides are quite commonplace.

A dormer style similar to the gabled option is called pedimented dormers. The difference is that this style was made popular within Greece and Rome, unlike the gables made famous in England and France. This ancient dormer design was created to sit the roof upon horizontal beams that support a triangular wall. This wall is called the pediment and sits under the peak of the roof. The triangular shape is complemented with molding on either side of the dormer.

Some dormer styles barely stick out of the roof. On the steep roof shed option, the dormer will rest almost unseen within the surrounding slates. These dormers are found on roofs that have only one edge that slopes downward. This design option gives the homeowner the most available attic space, making it a popular choice.

If the roof of a home is hipped, it is likely that the dormer will be hipped as well. A hipped dormer is created when the roof behind the dormer is slanted back along the part that extends. Shingles and siding can be fashioned nicely around the edge of this dormer, giving the home a clean appeal.

Homeowners have many options to consider when deciding on their roof. Dormers can be designed in multiple styles, allowing for creativity and unique curb appeal.

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