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Scientific research and developments in technology have allowed roofing manufacturers to create new products and make improvements on existing items in order to give homeowners a longer lasting and better performing roofing system. Experienced Syracuse roofing experts also have ways to lengthen the life span of a rooftop. Property owners can learn more about these new products and techniques in order to make the best choice for their home's needs when it comes time to replace an old roof.

Backer mats are one way that manufacturers have created stronger asphalt and composite shingles. By thickening the mat, the finished shingle is more durable and heavier. The product's weight is important because it provides added resistance against straight line and uplifting winds that could blow off thinner and lighter shingles. The thicker mats also provide better anchorage for the roof's nails. The thickness of the roofing materials increases the nails' resistance to winds and reduces problems like pop ups. Popped up nails are a leading cause of blown off shingles.

Another innovation has been changes in the formulation of the asphalt mixtures used in composite and asphalt shingles.

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Today's asphalt is thicker and more resistant to heat and the sun's ultraviolet radiation compared to the materials used a few decades ago. The newer formulations increase the roof's waterproofing and create a sturdier shingle.

An additional change in the manufacturing process involves stronger asphalt sealing strips. These strips help to attach the shingles to the roof's underlay and keep dimensional shingles in their correct positions. The newest generation of sealing strips is rated to withstand winds of at least 110 miles per hour, while some can even resist winds upwards of 150 miles per hour. This means that a roof could stay intact even if a strong nor'easter or even the remnants of a tropical storm pass through the area.

The roofing crew also plays an important role in making a roof as strong as possible. The roofers will use the longest and thickest fasteners recommended by the manufacturer of the shingles or tiles. Thick and long fasteners help to hold the layers of shingles, roofing felt, underlay, insulation and wooden decking in place. In some cases, the roofers may determine that screws are a better choice for fastening the layers of materials onto the roof's sheathing. Using screws with integrated neoprene washers increases the roof's resistance to winds. The neoprene washers help to protect the fasteners from corrosion and rust.

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