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Using concrete as a roofing material is not a new idea, but the advances made by the manufacturers of concrete roofing tiles now allow for more variety and creativity in how a roof is designed. A roof covered with concrete tiles can give a commercial or residential building a singular style that will last for a long time. Anyone who is curious about the installation of a concrete tile roof can speak with a Syracuse roofing specialist.

While the exact materials will vary among manufacturers, concrete roofing tiles are generally made of cement, sand and water. They are available in a standard or light weight, and they can be easily categorized by their appearances based on their profiles. A concrete tile with a flat or plain profile is flat and has no curves. A concrete tile with a low profile has small curves that have a rise to width ratio of no more than one inch to five inches. A high profile tile has large curves with a rise to width ratio of greater than one inch to five inches.

Concrete roofing tiles require the expertise of a professional roofing contractor, as it is a difficult roofing material to install. Special equipment is needed to cut the tiles to fit around roof fixtures, and proper walking techniques should be utilized in order to limit breakage.

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Mixtures such as asphalt plastic roof cement, concrete tile adhesive or mortar are commonly used to fasten the tiles to a roof. It is also important that the roofing batten system, underlayment and flashing are installed correctly, as tile roofs can generally be more susceptible to moisture penetration than other types of roof coverings.

The advantages of concrete tiles have long since been realized for commercial and business roofs, and their use is seeing a rising popularity for residential homes. They are sold in an assortment of colors with smooth or rough textures, and they can be manufactured to look like other materials. They are not easily damaged and are extremely long lasting, especially when compared to other roof covering materials, such as asphalt or wood.

One of the most obvious disadvantages of concrete tiles is their weight. The building owner and roofing contractor should verify that the structure of the residential or commercial building can support the weight of a roof covered with concrete tiles. Concrete tiles can also be more expensive than other roofing materials, particularly if the tile that is being used features custom designs.

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