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Syracuse Roofing: Article About Concrete Roofing Disadvantages To Consider

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During the search for a new or replacement roof, many homeowners may want to invest in the benefits of a concrete roofing system. Syracuse roofing experts will be able to provide homeowners with an efficient installation, as concrete is one of the most popular systems available and one that is growing quickly in popularity as well. Though concrete can be an advantageous system for both commercial and residential applications, it is not without its own faults. In order to make the most of the future installation, it is important for homeowners to keep some of these considerations in mind before they finalize their investment.

To begin, concrete roofing tiles are extremely heavy. Because they are made of a combination of water, sand and cement, and then poured into molds to allow them to cure through the application of heat and pressure, each tile has a considerable weight to it. Because concrete products are so inherently weighty, many structures are fundamentally unable to support the additional weight of this installation. When property owners attempt to work around this issue by investing more money into their building to strengthen the joists and rafters, the renovation can quickly become costly. If homeowners are prepared to deal with the installation costs that come with such a project, however, they will be able to enjoy a very durable and long lasting roofing system.

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Homeowners who live in areas with heavy storms and other types of inclement weather will benefit from a new concrete tile installation. These systems are highly durable in the face of winds and rains, but they have a weakness when it comes to weight. Many of these tiles are sensitive to impact damage, which means that they will shatter under falling branches, which may dislodge from overhanging trees during storms. Heavy hail may also break tiles, but the largest potential for damage comes from the weight of footfalls.

Concrete roofing systems will also require maintenance roughly twice a year to make sure that they are working as intended. Homeowners who are interested in investing in a system that will not require much maintenance may want to consider other options. This maintenance can be difficult if homeowners are not sure how to inspect their roof's surface, and they should avoid walking on their rooftop at all times. During maintenance procedures, it is important for homeowners to report all surface damages, as hairline cracks and fractures may result in long-term issues if left unattended.

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