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Syracuse Roofing: Article About Comparing Dark and Light Colored Shingles

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Homeowners used to have limited options when it came to shingle installations. Black or dark gray materials were essentially the only choices when homeowners prepared for a roof renovation project. Currently, Syracuse roofing professionals offer various shingle colors and styles, including light and dark colored materials. Homeowners should research these color selections and their impact on a home's overall energy use.

Homeowners often gravitate toward purchasing light colored roofing materials when they want to conserve household energy. White and beige colors, for example, reflect sunlight away from a structure. Households remain cooler in the summer, and residents can then turn their air conditioner thermostats up in response. Homeowners should note that even light colored shingles will warm up by day's end. However, these shingle types remain popular in the marketplace because of their reflective qualities.

In contrast, homeowners could choose dark colored shingles because of their traditional curb appeal. Dark rooftops create a dramatic effect across their surfaces, and they also hide minor material imperfections. Homebuyers may prefer dark colored shingles to light colored designs, so homeowners can opt for black or dark gray hues when a renovation is necessary.

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It's important to note, however, that dark colored roofs will not contribute to energy conservation on any significant level.

Material manufacturers are constantly updating their products, including basic asphalt shingles. Some specialized shingles may incorporate dozens of granules across their exterior surfaces. These granules reflect sunlight off their surfaces so that the home doesn't absorb too much heat during the daytime. Even dark colored shingles can have these granules embedded on their surfaces for maximum reflective power. As a result, households remain cooler compared to homes without specialized shingles.

When professionals install energy conserving rooftop materials, they refer to the resulting project as a cool roof. However, it's not just the materials that make a roof energy efficient. Roofs must also have proper ventilation to encourage consistent air flow past all materials. For example, soffit to ridge ventilation shafts keeps decking, underlayment and shingles at uniform temperatures all year long. Poor ventilation contributes to rooftop hot spots and reduces household energy conservation. Ideally, homeowners should ask contractors to inspect their rooftop shafts at each preventive maintenance appointment.

Investing in a brand new roof means homeowners need to examine all material features before they make any final decisions. Ideally, contractors should bring material samples to their estimate appointments as visual aids. Seeing and touching various shingle types makes material selection easier for homeowners.

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