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While every home design is unique, there are some common questions that homeowners ask Syracuse roofing professionals. Many homeowners inquire about whether it will be necessary to repair their roof, or if it should be completely replaced. There are several different factors that contractors consider when answering this question, including what its expected lifespan is, whether the roof has experienced major storm damage and what general condition the shingles are in. In most cases, roofing contractors will conduct a thorough inspection of each roofing component when determining whether it is better to repair the roof or replace it.

Many homeowners inquire about how long the process of repairing the roof might last. Again, this determination depends on several different factors, including the type of materials that are going to be installed and the size and slope of the roof. Typically speaking, a residential roof repair can last as little as three days. For projects that are more complex, the process could last anywhere from a few weeks to even a few months. Most contractors will include the estimated repair length as part of the written estimate.

Another common question homeowners ask is what types of shingles might be most appropriate for their local climate.

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There are several different types of roofing materials to choose from. Cheaper materials often require the most amount of upkeep, and they do not tend to fare well under inclement weather patterns. They often feature shorter warranty lengths as a result. Some of the most commonly installed cheaper roofing materials include asphalt and rubber shingles.

Premium materials generally require the less amount of maintenance, and they tend to perform better during hail storms, heavy rainfall and heavy snow accumulation. As a result, they usually have longer warranty lengths. Some of the most commonly installed premium roofing materials include slate, metal and tile shingles. Each of these materials feature Class A fire ratings, high wind classification ratings, enhanced durability and enhanced insulation capacities. As long as the material has been sourced from recycled materials, it can also qualify as an environmentally friendly product, which means the homeowner might qualify for a tax credit.

Each type of shingle might require different finishing materials as well. For example, slate roofing shingles require a specific type of underlayment in order for the roof deck to remain properly waterproof. In many cases, contractors will install copper flashing on a slate roof, instead of the traditional galvanized steel or aluminum flashing. Since each type of shingle requires different materials and installation techniques, the costs associated with the installation will vary.

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