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Metal roofing systems are probably the most used roofing around the world. This is because they have several advantages over other kinds of roofing such as resisting fire, low weight, longer life, ease of customization and last but not least, cost effectiveness. As nature would have it, no matter how good a roof might be, time and natural events make problems inevitable. It is therefore critical to understand the common problems with metal roofing, as this can help homeowners take measures to slow down the spread of a problem or prevent bigger catastrophes. Below are the common problems Syracuse roofing professionals find as risks to metal roofing systems.

Single ply metal roofing requires extra handling care than most other roofing systems. This is because the sheets are lightweight and can easily deform on application of the slightest pressure. The problems begin at installation: if the technician steps on the wrong places, the sheets deform. Similarly, if objects like tree branches or stones fall on the roof, it might crumble or get a puncture through which unwanted air, light, dust and water can penetrate.

Seams can either be raised or flush with the surface of the roof. The slightest separation of the seams increases the chances of wind lifting the metal sheets from the roof or water penetration.

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If this happens, there are chances of extensive damage to the entire home.

No matter how well the fasteners are installed, there are multiple forces that act on them and might diminish their efficiency over time. These factors include metal fatigue and vibrations caused by the wind. If these factors succeed in weakening the fasteners, strong winds can rip off metal panels and damage the roof.

The presence of waterborne pollutants and water in the atmosphere subjects nearly any metal roofing to corrosion. Metal roof manufacturers argue that they coat their roofs with protective elements, but the truth is that the coating also weakens with time. The only thing that the coatings do is to reduce damage and exposure, thus, extending the life of the roof. Once the surface is eroded, the pollutants and water hasten the corrosion, leading to discoloring, wearing out and eventually leakage.

Lack of regular checks of metal roof systems is one of the leading problems with this type of roof. Many homeowners assume that once the roof has been installed, they will not require the services of roofing technicians. When this happens, the roof might experience some minor problems that escalate into larger ones because they are not repaired. These small problems arise from factors such as high winds and rain water. Negligence allows the small problems to grow, and that gives way to bigger ones.

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