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Syracuse Roofing: Article About Common Fascia Damage

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The fascia is the part of the roof that protects the rafters at the edges of the roof while keeping moisture out of the attic. If this component is compromised, it can lead to water leaks as well as become the perfect nesting ground for many different kinds of animals. Identifying problems early on can save the homeowner a great deal of money when considering the costs of repairing water and animal damages. This is why many property owners trust a professional Syracuse roofing specialist to inspect and repair these problems as they occur.

Over time, the fascia can become cracked due to nothing more than sheer age and regular wear and tear. These cracks can be problematic as it only takes a slight separation of the wood to allow water to seep into the roof. Once this happens, the moisture can cause everything from rot to mold development. In some cases, paints or sealants can be used to prevent this from becoming a problem. However, a cracked fascia may need to be completely replaced in order to solve the issue.

Storm damage can wreak havoc on the materials used to cap the rafters on a roof.

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Not only can hail pummel the fascia, but the winds can cause the gutters to shift about. If the gutter is attached to this board on the roof, it could cause it to fracture or even work its way off completely. A missing or otherwise damaged drip edge could also contribute to board damage during a storm. Without the drip edge to funnel water into the gutter system, the liquid can merely run across the fascia. This can begin to compromise the paint as well as the materials of the fascia itself.

Rotting of the wood can happen from within the attic. If moisture becomes trapped between the soffit and the decking of the roof, the fascia can rot from the inside out. Once this has begun, the entire area may need to be replaced depending on the extent of the damage. The smallest of these holes can be large enough for rodents such as mice and squirrels to chew their way into the attic space as well.

Many homeowners will have a fascia cover installed in order to prevent a large portion of the regular wear and tear of the roof material. In some cases, the cover will overlap the soffit at the end of the eave. This can help promote a sturdy underside to the area while keeping the actual fascia board from suffering weather damage.

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